In your New Year Resolutions you decided to try a new sport; now it’s August but you are just in time to change this situation! Are you trying to find something to do during your holidays in Algarve? Taking up golf has no age or season and it’s a good way to burn some of the local cuisine’s calories while being in contact with the nature around you. Nevertheless, the beginning of a new activity can be tricky, and we can feel like foreigners...Not anymore!  We collected 30 terms that every golf player should know, in addition to the rookie guide that we already presented to you.

(This list is especially useful when you arrive at our golf resort in Portugal and someone in the golf field yells "Fore!" so you know to be careful or even run away. Or if someone happens to call you hacker on your first day, it may be helpful to know that it isn't a compliment.)


The course

At Amendoeira Golf Resort in Algarve, we offer you 3 courses designed to exceed your expectations, to innovate and to offer the best experience for professionals and beginners. An award winner course or an exclusive illuminated 9 hole golf course can be the perfect place to watch the words applied to reality.

1. Fairway: The short grass area between the teeing and the green.
2. Green: Area of grass around the hole, where putts are played.
3. Hazard: Physical parts of the course where it is very hard to play the ball, like water traps, sand bunkers or hills.
4. Lie: The position of the ball in the course.
5. Out-of-bounds: It is the area designated as being outside the boundaries of the golf course.
6. Teeing ground: Area from which the first stroke for each hole is made.

The movements

Even Tiger Woods had to start with the basics... Playing for fun or learning how to play golf correctly at our Academy is important to keep in mind the movements and positions.

7. Address: When a golfer is in his or her stance over a golf ball.
8. Aiming: The act of aligning the clubface to the target or direction that the player intends for the ball to go to.
9. Approach: The shot from the fairway to the green.
10. Balance: The posture with the proper distribution of a golfer's weight at address and throughout the swing.
11. Carry: The distance the ball travels through the air following one stroke.
12. Chip: A short shot intended to place the ball into the green and as near to the hole as possible.
13. Duff: A horrible shot.
14. Grip: The way to hold the clubs.
15. Line: The expected path of the ball to get into the hole.
16. Pitch: A short shot.
17. Putt: A shot taken by a putter (a special club) when you are on the green.
18. Stroke or Shot: Hitting the ball toward the hole.
19. Swing: A movement which enables a golfer to hit the ball.



In life as in Golf, it is important to know if you are winning or losing. It is essential to know the terms associated with scoring to understand the rules and dynamics of this sport.

20. Ace: Getting the ball into the hole with only one shot.
21. Albatross: A hole played three shots under par.
22. Birdie: A hole played one shot under par.
23. Bogey: A score of one over par.
24. Eagle: A score of two under par.
25. Handicap: A system used to rate the average number of shots above par a player scores in one round of golf.
26. Marker: Person indicated to mark a player's scorecard in the course of the rounds.
27. Marshal: Person on the field to ensure that players comply with ethics and rules and to promote a good pace of the play.
28. Mulligan: A “do-over” shot made to replace a poorly hit shot, taken without counting the shots toward the score. This only apply in casual plays.
29. Par (professional average result): Number of shots the experts predict that the golfer need to get the ball in the hole.
30. Scorecard: Paper to register the player' score hole by hole.


30 Golf words, 30 opportunities to impress your friends in the next golf match.