Café Correia
What to eat? Famous for its Stuffed Squid (sounds strange but the taste is wonderful), it´s the king dish of Zé Francisco and Lilita, the owners. But before you dive into the skids, do yourself a favour and ask for Percebes. Vila do Bispo is the place in the Algarve where you can find the best quality of the considered by many to be the best seafood. Just taste it and let us know. 
How much? 12 to 20€ per person
Address? Rua Primeiro de Maio, 4, Vila do Bispo

A Barrigada
What to eat? Barrigada means “full stomach” and we think the name says it all. It´s a “barrigada” of fresh fish and a meal overlooking the fishing boats docked at the local marina. The prices are fair, great value for money and the best fish ever. 
How much? 12 a 20€ per person
Address? Estrada de São Roque, Meia Praia, Lagos

Tasquinho O Manel
What to eat? This is the place to eat goo fish in Vilamoura, specially in summertime, when prices can go up the roof. If you feel like having fish and seafood without having to spent all your holidays budget, go to the Marina and look for O Manel. 
How much? 15 a 25€ per person
Address? Marina de Vilamoura (by the sailing school)

O Jacinto
What to eat? The answer is simple: seafood, which is the reason why you need to book in advance during Summer, or you risk staying in line for quite some time. If you wish something more typical, ask for arroz de marisco or cataplana.
How much? 25 a 35€ per person
Address? Avenida Sá Carneiro, Bloco 2 — Loja 2, Quarteira

Adega do Amável
What to eat? Nor far away from Amendoeira, this Amável (it means kind, in English) is perfect for those of you who wish to have a typical experience. “Petiscos” is the way to go, and by petiscos we mean a whole array of great food, served in small portions, with a taste that we don´t try often. And if you´re lucky, maybe you´ll find a local fado singer, as a perfect complement to a great meal. 
How much? 5 a 15€ per person
Address? Estrada de Nossa Senhora da Saúde, 92 Faro