With the bathing season officially open, your summer holidays in the Algarve are getting closer and closer! In a time of social isolation, discover the best activities to enjoy a quiet holiday, with family, and with maximum security.

1. Algarve hiking
Exploring the Algarve through hiking is the ideal choice for those seeking a healthy outdoor activity. From Barlavento to Sotavento, there are numerous options for hiking and excursions, among different types of landscapes. Besides the contact with nature, hiking offers you a safe way to get to know the various regions of the Algarve, away from people gatherings and without the typical tourist frenzy of this time of year. Read more here

2. Golf in the Algarve
Besides sandy beaches and good weather all year round, the Algarve is also known for its world-renowned golf courses, such as the Faldo Course at the Amendoeira Golf Resort. This world-class golf course won the title of "Best Golf Course in Portugal" in 2016, awarded by the World Golf Awards. So, whether you are a professional player or a golf rookie, at this resort in the Algarve you will find the perfect opportunity to learn a new sport for the whole family. Amendoeira Golf Resort, a holder of the Clean & Safe label, offers you a golf experience with maximum safety, in a stunning setting, with 270 hectares of nature to lose sight of. Read more here.

3. Bike Tours in the Algarve
Cycling in the Algarve is connecting with nature in a healthy and fun way. Besides the sun and a gentle breeze, you will be able to enjoy pleasant moments by the mountains or by the sea. Whether it's for family morning walks, or to explore the southern region of the country, there are four routes that promise to surprise anyone who loves to ride on wheels: the Rota Vicentina, the Via Algarviana, the Grande Rota do Guadiana and the Ecovia do Litoral. Read more here.

4. Equestrian tourism in the Algarve
Step, trot, or gallop, horse riding in the Algarve is a unique experience of direct contact with nature. Whether you have riding practice or are just curious about living your first equestrian experience, one thing is for sure: you will find numerous equestrian centers, scattered throughout various regions of the Algarve, with offers of horse riding for the whole family, regardless of age or experience. Read more here.

5. Water Sports in the Algarve
From kayaks, stand up paddle (SUP), to surfing or jet skiing, the Algarve has the ideal weather conditions for nautical sports. In addition to ensuring the social distancing currently required, experiencing one of these activities is to add some adrenaline to your summer, where fun is guaranteed for the whole family. Read more here.

Now that you know some of the safest activities to enjoy a quiet family holiday, pack your bags and head towards the Algarve this summer!