The Algarve is famous for its natural beauties, sunny beaches, mild weather year round and, of course, for its amazing golf courses. Due to the size of most of the courses and being an outdoor sport, it’s more satisfactory to play with good weather conditions, in order to fully enjoy the game. Notice that rates of rounds and other amenities will vary according to the time of the year.

From November to February, due to the cold weather, you’ll find the cheapest rates, not only to play but for accommodation as well.

March and April is when the weather starts getting better and the rains are less likely to fall. Rates will increase in said time due to the improvement of weather conditions, and the courses, rather than empty or quiet, will be busy, so it’s recommended to book beforehand.

May, September and October are the busiest times of the year, with the courses filled with passionate players. If you don’t book, there is a chance you won’t be able to play. The rates will be at their highest also. In said times, the weather is nice but not too hot and the probability of rain is low, providing perfect conditions to play golf.

June is a quiet month, much like the calm before the storm, with hot but not too hot weathers. Rates will be slowing increasing but not peaking, due to the closeness to summer vacations. It’s also very unlikely to rain, which is nice for anyone who wants to play golf.

July and August are the hottest months of the year, so the courses will be relatively quiet, since the temperatures discourage people to spend too much time doing anything else than sun bathing and getting refreshed by the pool or in the sea. Rates will be relatively low, since those are also the busiest months in Algarve, due to summer vacations. It’s very unlikely to rain in that period.