The pandemic changed the way we see our homes. In Portugal and all over the world, the need to have both a space dedicated to work and an area more directed towards leisure time in the home has emerged. Having an office for teleworking, more outdoor spaces, or bigger rooms has become a desire enhanced by the need to improve quality of life in a time with covid-19.

In terms of construction, the pandemic forced every room to be rethought. Balconies, for instance, should be larger than before to function as an extension of living rooms. During and after the confinement, the outdoor space had to be effectively redesigned. But not only that. Bedrooms were no longer places to sleep and became 'offices for teleworking'. This resulted in the need to recreate these areas to allow everyone their own private space to work.

Another noticeable change was the need to create outdoor living areas or green spaces. Kitchen renovations, since people started cooking more, or even the redecoration of homes to connect with nature were also some of the trends found in the pandemic phase. As for the lack of space for new construction areas? The solution may be to build high.  

Whether through more terraces, bedrooms with private bathrooms or kitchens, and living rooms with partition walls, covid-19 has changed the way we see our homes forever.    

Living at Amendoeira Golf Resort during the covid-19 pandemic

Our golf resort in the Algarve offers the possibility to live in safety, surrounded by space and tranquility amongst 270 hectares of nature, with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. 

The outdoor spaces are always present in common areas at the 2-bedroom apartments or private gardens surrounding the villas with a private pool. Through spacious terraces and surrounding gardens, our houses in the Algarve allow you to breathe fresh air, offering a unique connection with nature.

With green views of world-class golf courses, such as the award-winning Faldo Course, the homes at Amendoeira are also eligible for teleworking. Here, you'll find the comfort, privacy, and inspiration you need to work remotely, with the sound of birds as your background music. 

Whether you're looking to enjoy a golf break in Portugal or invest in real estate in the Algarve, our homes have everything you need to make the most out of life.

Take a virtual or real-time tour of our properties and find out why Amendoeira is the perfect refuge to live during and after the pandemic.