Warm sunshine, top-class gastronomy, and a slow pace of life. These are the reasons why foreigners have been moving to the Algarve for decades. Those seeking a new and safe life in the sun, find the perfect place to buy a house in the Algarve.

Awarded for consecutive years by internationally recognized entities as a destination of choice, the Algarve is one of the safest areas in Portugal and even in the world. Discover all the reasons why you would want to start a new life in this secret paradise!

1. Fluency of foreign languages (especially English)
English is everywhere, from all restaurant menus to signage and advertisement. Besides, English is widely spoken by all people who work within the tourism industry. So, if you are concerned about not understanding Portuguese, don’t worry at all!

2. Gastronomy and wines
Tasting Portuguese gastronomy, and in particular the Algarve gastronomy, is an unforgettable experience. Among its greatest treasures, Algarve presents us with delicious culinary specialties with octopus and seafood, wines, carob and almond desserts and the famous medronho brandy. By the way, did you know that genuine Algarve medronho is a certified quality product? And that one of the most traditional and original Algarve sweets must be the little marzipan pastries? There is so much to be discovered by your palate in this region…

3. Mild weather all year round
With one of the best climates in Europe all year round, the Algarve is full of sunshine and, for that reason, is an authentic paradise for beachgoers. If during summer temperatures are around 30ºC, in winter temperatures do not drop drastically. That is one of the reasons many tourists are drawn from the colder countries in northern Europe at this time of year.

4. Best Golf Destination in the World in 2020
Portugal golf courses are among the best golf courses in the world. As Algarve was elected the best golf destination in the world in 2020 by the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM), Algarve golf courses are a must visit. Proof of that is the award-winning Faldo Course and its neighbor O’Connor Jnr. Course, both located in the Algarve resort Amendoeira Golf Resort. Surrounded by 270 hectares of nature, these world-class golf courses are one of the reasons why Algarve is the perfect destination for playing golf.

5. Safety and privacy
In the Top 3 of the safest countries in the world, Portugal has in the Algarve a pearl of tranquility and peace, surrounded by sea and nature. For those seeking a slower pace of life, there is nothing like a golf resort, such as Amendoeira Golf Resort, where you can find all the facilities to move in. Whether you are looking for an exclusive apartment with direct access to a garden or a villa with a private pool, in this Algarve golf resort you can find it all!

Need more reasons to move into the Algarve? We don’t think so!​​​​