Are you starting to play golf in the Algarve or are you a skilled golf player looking for some of the high rated and best golf courses in the world? Whether you are a golf pro or a golf rookie, Amendoeira Golf Resort is the perfect golf resort in the Algarve for you to practice. You can play at the world-class golf courses Faldo Course and O’Connor Jnr. Course, or improve the short game at the Academy Course and driving range. But before you start, check the 6 things you should avoid while on the golf course.

1. Avoid showing up late
When it comes to the golf course, always be 20 minutes early. If your tee time is at 11.30am, do not show up at 11.30am. Since you need to get your back loaded, check the clubs, and, possibly, track down a caddy, at least you should arrive 20min before your tee time. Furthermore, if you wish to train your swing and improve your golfing techniques at the driving range, add an extra 15 minutes on top of that. To sum it up: be early for your tee time!

2. Turn your mobile phone off
How can you enjoy 270 hectares of nature if you keep you are always on the phone? To get the best out of your golf game, you need to relax and be with your friends in nature with nothing but golf on your mind. However, if you do need to keep your phone on, put it on silent mode. If you have to take a call, make it brief and in such a way that no one notices. 

3. Avoid giving unwanted golf advice
Like in life, some advice is welcomed, and some is not. In the first place, you should know your golf partners and how they handle advice. Considering golfers are proud people, the rule is never advising unless asked. This rule is even more important to be followed if you are hitting the green for a business meeting. If so, never mention your partner’s golf game or how it can be improved.

4. Don’t play balls you can’t afford to lose
Always play with balls you won’t mind losing. If you are not the only one on the golf course, one or two practice balls should be enough for you to play. The rule is not to spend more than a couple minutes searching for the ball, especially if someone’s waiting on the tee behind you.

5. Avoid stepping on someone else’s line
One of the most important golf golden rules is to never step on someone else’s line. Whether you have seen people doing it before, it is a matter of golf course etiquette and good manners. So, for the next time you are on the green, just remember: do not step on the line between any player and the hole.

6. No need to take your golf game too seriously
You are enjoying your golf holidays in the Algarve, not playing for the World Golf Champions. Golf is supposed to be fun! If you are looking for a career in golf, take it seriously, otherwise, smile, have fun, do your best and in the end just enjoy the experience.

Now that you are familiar with the Top 6 Golden Rules of golf, we invite you to join us at the Algarve golf resort Amendoeira Golf Resort and apply these rules at the award-winning golf course Faldo Course or at its neighbor O’Connor Jnr. Course. Whether you choose the former or the latter, one thing is for sure, you are now ready to impress anyone on the golf course!