Golf is a timeless sport. But that doesn't mean its dress code can't be modern. While you wait to return to our golf courses, Amendoeira Golf Resort presents you with the dressing rules that will better match your golf swing. These rules are generic, and each golf course may have more specific conditions. Anyway, you can have your closet ready!

1. Polo shirts with collar
Collared polos are essential pieces for any golfer. Having a short or long sleeve, the collar must always be present. The existence of a pattern is optional, but always welcome.

The material of the polos may vary depending on the area where the golf course is located. If it’s a cold area, cotton is the most suitable. If you are in a warmer and wetter place, like Algarve golf courses, the choice of a synthetic material is the best to keep your body cool and dry.

Therefore, it is highly inadvisable to use t-shirts or sport shirts. 

2. Pants and shorts
For the lower part of the set, you can choose between pants or shorts, and for women, the choice between skirts and pant-skirts is added. However, none of these options should have cords or loops nor be three quarters (3/4) long.

The safest colors for these pieces are cream, beige, khaki and grey, but feel free to escape the default and bet on more irreverent ones.

3. Golf Shoes
Currently, there are three types of golf shoes:
3.1. Steel spiked golf shoes - are used by professionals and are not permitted on most amateur courses.
3.2. Soft spiked golf shoes - the steel spikes have been replaced by plastic or rubber ones in order to avoid tearing the grass. This is the most popular type of shoes.
3.3. Spikeless golf shoes - the sole of these shoes has very small rubber pots that help to avoid foot pain. Although they are the most comfortable golf shoes, they are also the most casual looking.
Given these requirements, it is not allowed to wear sneakers, flip-flops or sandals, and it is also preferable to avoid wearing shoes with steel spikes.

4. Belt and stockings
The belt is a determining accessory in your ensemble. Preferably to match the shorts or the color of the shoes, choose something more elastic and not the type of belt you would take to work.
On the stockings, the ideal is a white pair that goes up close to the ankles. 

5. Hats
Wearing a hat or cap can be seen as something extra to your outfit. But there are still rules. The following list presents the type of hats acceptable for a golf course:
5.1. Baseball hats - these are the most commonly seen hats on most golf courses.
5.2. Visors - although not so popular, they are great for avoiding any chain caused by the sun. 
5.3. Bucket hats - are the choice for those seeking complete sun protection (especially if they have a narrow brim).

6. Golf Glove
The use of the glove is optional, however it is eventually necessary if your practice requires it. Usually, golfers who favor the right hand place the glove on the left hand and vice-versa. If you are considering purchasing a golf glove, make sure it is durable.

These are some of the outfit rules you should follow before you start playing golf. Let yourself be inspired by our tips and start planning your golf swing for when we meet again.