If golf is your sport but you never played it before, what’s not to like about the idea of starting in the Algarve? Nothing, right? A well-known destination, some of the best and high rated courses in the world, sandy beaches, great weather all year long, and many amazing opportunities to combine playing and learning golf, with some down time, chilling at the beach, spending time with family and friends or engaging in a good night out.

Amendoeira Golf Resort in Portugal is just the place for you. Either for a weekend or summer break, we cater to your own golf needs as well as your family’s. And if you’re serious about starting to play golf, here´s some much needed information.

The region

Don’t take our world on it, just ask any experienced golf player about the Algarve as the best golf destination in Europe (and maybe the world) and hear what they have to say. Consistently maintaining its quality, with the ideal climate to play, it’s a genuine golfers’ paradise. Most of the courses have wonderful views and surroundings, like the one’s in Amendoeira Golf Resort. World renowned by their design, quality and overall beauty, they have different degrees of difficulty and have consistently been awarded the most important titles in the industry.


If you want to start playing, don’t invest in your own equipment right from the get go, as many of the courses you’ll be playing in will have some gold gear you can rent. We also advise you to ask a PGA professional to suggest the best equipment suited to your needs or, maybe, tell you about custom fitting: golf clubs made to cater to your needs, to suit you, so you won’t risk an injury by playing with the wrong kind of club.

Also, as a beginner, you´re not Tiger Woods (not just yet!), this means that the focus should me more swing, strength and general posture, and less on equipment. You may buy a whole set of clubs but you’ll most likely only use a fraction of them.

Dress code

This is a sport where dress code is taken seriously and committed golfers know they should respect it. Golf clubs and professionals prefer the smart/casual dress kind of etiquette. So, no jeans, no armless shirts, no items that can make you stand out in the worst possible manner when playing. If this sounds rigid it´s because it is rigid and the reason behind it is to protect the prestige and heritage of the sport.

So, maybe your first investment should be some waterproof golf shoes. Even if in the beginning your time is spent practising, somewhere along the way, when you start playing, you´ll need them for the 8 to 10 kilometres journeys.


As with everything else, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. So, it’s best to combine lessons and practice and train your patience and frustration in the beginning. This is not an easy game but it’s the best one, so, a lesson is, many times, the best gift for a golfer. But don´t forget your overall fitness condition. Make sure you hit the gym and work on your flexibility and strength. It´s not as fun as playing and testing new equipment, but, now that you´ve started, you don´t want to be injured. 

There is a wide variety of golf academies across the Algarve, ideal for first steps, gym included, and some sun and sea. Certified by the PGA, the Professional Golfers Association, many of them have training programmes you can enrol. Try the Amendoeira Golf Academy or have a taste of our wonderful 9-hole course.


Any golfer will tell you that golf is a game of honour. It´s both passion and pleasure. It´s also filled with emotional highs and lows, of lost and found confidence, depending on how you hit the shot. It´s a mind game, as well as game in itself. And this is just as important to know as all the information we just gave you. Now that you have it, what are you going to do with it? Allow us to give you an idea: go online and book a few days with us. We’re waiting for you.