There’s a reason why golf is such a good sport. In fact, there are many reasons, especially if you consider the best sports in which kids can engage. If, as an adult playing golf, you feel that thrill we first knew when we were younger, imagine playing for the first time and doubling that feeling. Besides the emotions, there are palpable reasons why you should consider golf as an ideal sport for your children. Check them out.

1. Outside with nature: in the age of electronics, it’s common to find kids attached to their devices. The amount of time spent online is addictive and unhealthy, two more reasons to choose an outdoor sport. The health benefits are huge: more fresh air, more exercise and more time spent with others, friends and family. Golf is the best way for children to get their cardio on and start some low impact exercise that will help combat obesity, while enjoying the outdoors and nature.

2. Values: there are many good and useful things kids can learn in golf, especially responsibility. As a golf player, they will learn that their actions will have an impact on others around them, such as fixing the sand traps, for example, as fellow golfers don’t like a messy course. Golf has many written and unwritten rules of conduct that everyone is expected to follow. By doing so, they are setting themselves to succeed outside the course, as respect is the most valuable lesson in life, and treating people with dignity is key to building relationships.

3. Maturity: because golf is not an easy sport, the more you train, the better you get. But before getting better, there are some emotional and mental hurdles to endure. Golf can help and confront children with the tough process of growing up, the growing pains of having to deal with trial and fail, with frustration, with the unexpected turn of a game. It will teach them about how to keep things in perspective, how to be fully present in the moment and focus on the game.

We can enlist many reasons why you should motivate your children to become golfers but the main one, besides how awesome this sport is, is that it gives them an opportunity to improve themselves, as players and people. The ability to learn such a difficult sport is a skill that will serve them well in life. If they push themselves and put time and effort, real improvement and development will occur. And that is something they won´t learn on their screens. 

So, there is a myriad of things you can give your kids, as a gift, as a lesson, as something they will cherish for life. Encouraging them to play golf is surely one of them. Because golf is a game of a lifetime.