Spring in the Algarve is recognized by the white and pink fields of almond trees in bloom. And this unforgettable landscape has its origins in a Moorish legend that makes it even more special.

Many centuries ago, the Al-Gharb (Algarve), namely the town of Chelb (Silves) belonged to the Arab king Ibn-Almundim, distinguished by the people as victorious - it was said that he had never suffered a defeat. Of all the battles won, the one he faced with the peoples of Northern Europe was the most remarkable. It was there that he met Gilda, a blonde, blue-eyed princess who had been imprisoned. Charmed, the king gave her back her freedom and they nurtured a strong affection that, over time, turned into a beautiful love story.

The couple lived very happily, until the moment Gilda began to fall ill. Magicians and wise men from all over the world visited the kingdom to find a cure for the princess - without success. Gilda being from the North, used to a climate opposite to the Algarve's weather, there seemed no way to stop her pain. An old captive from the Northern lands asked to be received by the king, revealing to him that what the princess was suffering from was nostalgia for the snow of her country. So King Ibn-Almundim ordered that almond trees were planted throughout the kingdom, to cover the land with white petals and simulate the shade of snow.

The following spring, the kingdom was already covered in blossoming almond trees. The king took Gilda to the garden and when she saw the white tones that painted the city, she began to feel better. The princess was cured of her sadness.

Time has passed, but nowadays you can still be delighted by the spring in the Algarve and get to know the almond trees that make this destination so striking. Take the opportunity to discover this destination in the south of Portugal and see, up close, what brought joy back to Princess Gilda. 

If you prefer to enjoy your experience with other activities, the Algarve has many surprises for you: whether it is visiting the region's typical markets (such as the Loulé Municipal Market), enjoying the bathing season, or participating in cultural events, your trip will be full of special moments and unforgettable memories.