A resort that has the word “golf” in its name, has the obligation to offer the best golf experience imaginable. Here in Amendoeira Golf Academy, we set up to do exactly that. Our modern machines have the latest tech you need to improve your game.


The V1 game improvement platform connects golf professionals and golfers to improve performance. V1 is recognized as the pioneer in delivering seamless video lessons with integrated telestration and voiceover. The V1 Pro HD desktop software and V1 Pro mobile app empowers instructors to capture, review, and analyze swing video for students both in person and digitally. Our V1 Golf app provides powerful video capture and analysis tools for golfers to work on their own game and connect to their pro.

V1 is used by more than 6K PGA golf professionals including many of the Top 100 instructors, as well as distinguished academies worldwide from Pebble Beach to St. Andrews. Our pros have delivered more than 3M digital video lessons to their students. The V1 Golf App is also a worldwide leader among consumers with nearly 2M downloads.

TRACKMAN - Records, analyzes and shares.

The Trackman works indoors and outdoors. This enables us to use it all year round, from indoor training bay to the outdoor range - even when it rains. It measures up to 26 data parameters and can display a shot’s 3D trajectory together with 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real time. The Trackman app allows us to integrate data with video on a computer, iPad or iPhone, giving instant feedback on swing mechanics and data numbers at the same time. 


The BodiTrak Golf System is the first portable and affordable mat to record balance and weight distribution information and Centre of Pressure (“COP”) during the golf swing. Using patented smart fabric technology and proprietary software, BodiTrak can show real-time balance & vertical force data – the ‘next pillar of instruction’ in golf in an attainable way.

SAM PuttLab

SAM PuttLab is the world’s most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. Other technology lacks accuracy, which is so much needed for putting, or only measures few aspects of the putting stroke. SAM PuttLab analyzes more than 50 important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports.