If you're thinking about relocating, either for retirement or for a change of pace and lifestyle, you should definitely choose the Algarve. And if by “relocating” you're thinking about Brexit and it's implications, fear no more. The Portuguese government already stated that, regardless of Britain's decision, Portugal will maintain the rights of the 45.000 Britons living in Portugal, opening the doors to tourists, investors, students and citizens. According to Interior Minister, Eduardo Cabrita, “they're all welcome to stay”.

Brexit aside, let us break down for you the major reasons why you should consider the Algarve as your new home.


Real estate

According to Forbes, Portugal is a top choice for foreign investors. The changes in 2009, which introduced a range of tax benefits (both EU and non-EU), made attaining residency quick, easy and lucrative.

And if this is true for Portugal, it's even truer for the Algarve, as this 2019 market outlook predicts.

Real estate prices are still pretty affordable, considering quality and location. If you're either looking for a luxury villa or a simple flat by the beach, buying a house in the Algarve is still better and much cheaper than many similar locations. There's plenty of properties for sale and to rent and the market is still booming. It's a safe bet and a first choice for many expats who became full time residents or families looking for a different way of life.



Schools, hospitals, roads, housing, airports, the Algarve has it all, for different types of budgets and choices. Once mainly a holiday resort, today the region is home for many residents who came for a few days and decided to stay forever. International schools, state of the art hospitals, affordable housing and a nearby airport that connects you to the world, are just a few of the Algarve's main features for someone looking to relocate.



It's one of the safest areas in the country, which is already one of the safest in the world. Violent crimes almost never happen and petty theft takes place on the more touristic areas, especially during the summer time.



The Algarve counts with 300 (or more) days of sun every year, flawless natural beauty, wonderful contrasts with the blue sea and green fields. What's not to like about all this? It doesn't rain much, temperatures are mild and the smell of summer predominates all year long.



The food quality is highly underrated compared with other similar regions in the world. The fish is always fresh, seafood is world class, vegetables and fruit are to die for and most of them are organic and local. Plus: affordable if you know where to look.



It doesn't get much better than Portuguese people. Raised on traditional values, they live a quiet life, with a relaxed approach to it. Used to living side by side with foreigners, they're very welcoming and genuinely friendly.


Cost of living

When compared to other European destinations, prices in the Algarve are cheaper. Housing, food, gas, electricity and all other domestic bills, taxes and the overall cost of living are all very affordable. There is cheap and expensive, the same as any place else. It all gets down to your budget and your choices. But, overall, the quality of life is amazing and what you pay for it is not high. And there's no price for this kind of sea and sun.


Health care

Our health care system is on international standards, ranked higher that UK by the World Health Organization, and has improved over the years, also due to the ever-increasing expat community in the region. Hospitals, GP´s, clinics are things you won't need to worry about. The Serviço Nacional de Saúde, the equivalent to NHS, works well and you'll find that most doctors and medical workers are English speakers. If you prefer private medical services, hospitals and clinics work with international healthcare companies.


Expat communities

Home to many foreign people, the Algarve has the biggest expat community in the country, specially coming from Britain. So, if you decide to relocate, we promise you won't feel homesick as we're sure you'll be able to find a fellow compatriot to show you around and help you settle. Soon you'll discover a lot of places, services and products catered especially to expats' needs. The Portuguese people are very welcoming, open and will make you feel at home in no time.


Moving abroad and relocating is not a decision one makes lightly. Still, we hope to have made the case for the Algarve. Sun, sea, food, good people, security and an overall relaxed lifestyle. Is there more to life?