Nowadays, more than ever, we are seeking safety, space, and privacy. In these tough times of the pandemic, we give you 4 reasons why a resort may be a desirable haven to live in. So, if you ever thought about waking up in a hotel bed every day or wish to feel on holiday in your daily routine, we encourage you to keep on reading this article.

1 – Safety and privacy
This reason is probably the number 1 when it comes to choosing to live in a resort. In a phase of social distancing such as that which we find ourselves, we should keep our circle of contacts restricted. Avoiding crossing paths with the neighborhood seems to be a safer option at the moment. Some resorts like Amendoeira Golf Resort in the Algarve have villas with a private pool and apartments at your disposal. If, for instance, you choose to buy a villa you can enjoy total privacy and safety since you don't need to share your living space with anyone else. But even if you prefer an apartment, resorts usually provide you apartments with direct access to the garden. At our golf resort, you will find apartments with low-density areas surrounded by nature, so that you can have space to breathe and maximum privacy.

2 - Comfort and convenience
When you live in a resort, you have access to exclusive services and discounts. 24/7 Security service, free access to resort facilities, special conditions, and discounts on holiday rentals for family and friends, or access to 360 maintenance services are just some of the owners' privileges you can usually find. At Amendoeira Golf Resort, in addition to all these advantages, you can also have golf discounts up to 40% on green fees and memberships, free access to tennis courts, free use of the resort shuttle service, and much more! Discover all the benefits of being an owner at our golf resort here.

3 – Leisure activities 
Although leisure activities are 'on pause' for a while due to the pandemic, once you become an owner at a resort you will be able to enjoy whatever facilities and services it has to offer you. In Amendoeira’s case, you can find 2 world-class golf courses, a 9 hole par 3 course, 6 Savannah Tennis courts, 2 Astroturf five-a-side football pitches, a gym equipped with Technogym equipment, and a recently renovated Clubhouse with stunning views over nature. Find out more here.

4 – A healthier environment
When you live in a resort, nature easily becomes part of the routine. Far from the air pollution and the city noise, at a resort, you will be able to enjoy life at your own pace. If you choose to buy a villa or an apartment at Amendoeira Golf Resort one thing is for sure: 270 hectares of natural surroundings as your backyard. As neighbours, you will welcome the wildlife, As sports, the best golf courses and tennis courts will welcome you. Embrace nature and enjoy a healthy life with your family in a resort such as ours.

Now that you are aware of our Top 4 advantages of living in a resort, move to the Algarve and let us make your days safe and memorable!

Amendoeira Golf Resort
Amendoeira Golf Resort is an Algarve resort where you can find privacy and safety among 270 hectares of nature. Recognized by Instituto do Turismo de Portugal (ITP) - “Portuguese Tourism Institute” - with the Clean & Safe label, this golf resort complies with all the safety and hygiene standards imposed by the Directorate-General of Health - DGS. Besides, it is also a member of the Portuguese Resorts Association (APR), which represents the best Residential Tourism projects in Portugal.