New year, new swings! For beginners or veterans, start the year with a new opportunity to explore the award-winning golf courses at Amendoeira Golf Resort. Set over 270 hectares of nature, enjoy a premium golf experience and practise your shots in southern Portugal. The best in the world of golf awaits you in the Algarve, so start 2024 off on the right foot with five essential tips for shining on your next golf holiday. 

1. Benefit from Technology with Every Shot 

Combine your natural talent with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. At Amendoeira Golf Resort, you have a Golf Academy full of experienced professionals and a state-of-the-art Trackman machine, dedicated to optimising your playing technique. Attentive to the latest technological trends in the field, it's in one of Europe's best golf resorts that you'll find everything you need to perfect your swings.  

Still, the basis for a perfect shot will always lie in posture, hands and torso rotation, without forgetting the trump cards of patience and consistency. With this in mind, you're all set for afternoons filled with hole-in-ones!  

2. Action, concentration  

A winning swing is a focused swing, which is why mental training through mindfulness practices or meditation are great help. Before heading out to our golf courses, spend the morning in a fully equipped Sports Center and start the day prioritising your mind.   

Learning to stay calm under pressure and visualising your shots on the course is as important as the game itself, so this balance is fundamental to winning matches.  

3. You win by stretching

At the end of your round of golf in the Algarve, prevent injuries with a specialised stretching routine for golfers. Consult Amendoeira's team of golf professionals and meet their suggestions for increasing your stamina and keeping your body healthy. 

4. The secret lies in strategy

Every game is unique, so remember to adopt personalised strategies for each course and competition. Each time you train, be accompanied by an experienced professional available to develop training plans suited to any circumstance. If in doubt, book a golf lesson in the Algarve and find out what our team thinks!  

5. You have to study to win 

As well as strategising, take the opportunity to study the courses you'll be playing to better understand their degree of difficulty or any obstacles you may come across in the future. As a rule, golf resorts provide all the characteristics of the courses on their websites, and this information is not only an asset for gaining a solid knowledge of the terrain but also for finding the golf course that best suits your expectations and strengths.

By incorporating these five recommendations into your 2024 training, you'll be ready to embrace new challenges and live an unforgettable golfing experience. With world-class golf courses and 270 hectares of nature, the Amendoeira Golf Resort has everything you need to make the most of the year.     

By day, choose between the award-winning Faldo Course or the tropical O'Connor Jnr. course, with a privileged view of a sunny horizon. At night, discover the Academy course, the only floodlit 9-hole course in Portugal, and play in the company of the stars. Finally, our wish is just one: have fun with every game. Happy playing!