Amendoeira World Kids Golf 2021

Amendoeira World Kids Golf 2021

26th - 30th July 2021

The Amendoeira World Kids Golf Tournament takes place in the Algarve at the prestigious Amendoeira Golf Resort courses. This event allows youngsters, between 7 and 18 years old, to have the opportunity to play in a prestigious tournament, which brings them a unique golf experience and makes them feel like real professionals. 

Given the current circumstances of the pandemic and to safeguard everyone's safety, the 2020 edition has been postponed. We are already preparing the next edition of 2021, so we will have news about registration soon.

If you need any information, please contact us:

T: +351 282 320 671
E: [email protected]

The Amendoeira World Kids Golf Tournament is open to all players affiliated within any recognized Golf Federation.

The rules and conditions for the tournament will be the approved rules by the Royal and Ancient Golf of St. Andrews and the local rules established by the committee.

12 years & under play Stableford Gross & Net. Categories 13 & over play Stroke Play Gross & Net.
Boys and Girls Category Under 9 will play 9 holes per day on the O´Connor Jnr. course.
Boys 8 -12 years and Girls 8 -18 will play the O´Connor Jnr. course.
Boys 13-18 years old will play the Faldo Course.

Under 9 - Boys & Girls · Under 10 – Boys & Girls · Under 12 – Boys & Girls · Under 14 – Boys & Girls · Under 16 – Boys & Girls · Under 18 – Boys & Girls

Results and Prizes
3 Best Gross and Net scores to count in each age category (not cumulative).
Overall winners: The overall Champions of the event, will be determined by the best Gross scores for both boys and girls playing in category under 18 (officially accountable for WGR where WGR conditions of play apply).

Ties (Rule 3.3a Section 5A(6))
Ties will be broken by use of the player’s best score on the final round. If the tie still persists it will be broken by using the last 9; 6; 3 and final hole on the last round.

Starting Times (Rule 5.3a)

Penalty for breach of rule 5.3a:
If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is the general penalty. Otherwise, the penalty for breach of this Rule 5.3a is disqualification. 
Exception: Where the Committee determines that exceptional circumstances have prevented a player from starting on time, there is no penalty.

b. Groups (Rule 5.4b)
In stroke play, the competitor must remain throughout the round in the group arranged by the Committee, unless the Committee authorizes or ratifies a change.

Penalty for breach of rule 5.4b:

The tees to be used depend on player’s category. Please refer to your scorecard for the proper tee information.

All players are required to walk during the tournament. Players may use pull trolleys or electric trolleys. Buggies are forbidden.

Caddie Regulations (Rule 10.3)
All players 8 years old and younger are required to have a caddy during play.
Older players up to 18 years old are not required but encouraged to do so.
Caddies are the responsibility of the player. Any breach of the following regulations will be deemed to be a breach by the player.

  1. Caddies will not be permitted to wear jeans or sandals (except on decision of Tournament Director) and shoes with spikes OR soft spikes.
  2. Misbehavior by caddies of a personal nature which is generally unacceptable by normal social standards.
  3. Caddies are not permitted to mark players’ scorecards.
  4. Other than in practice rounds, caddies are not permitted to test the surface of the putting greens on the course.

Pace of Play (Rule 5.6)
All players must play without undue delay and in accordance with pace of play guidelines. The allotted time to play 9 holes is 2 hours 30 minutes.

A group will be determined to be out of position when they are over the time allotted to complete a given hole and/or have not maintained position relative to the group in front of them. When a group is out of position they will be warned. If the group continues to fall behind the players will be monitored. Any player that takes more than the allotted time to play may be subjected to the following penalties:

a.  1st offense - warning
b.  2nd offence – 2nd warning and 1 stroke penalty
c.  3rd offence – 3rd warning and 2 strokes penalty
d.  Following offences – Ten shot rule and or Disqualification

Suspension of Play (Rule 5.7)
Play will only be suspended if dangerous conditions arise. If the committee stops play it will be indicated by one prolonged blast from a siren. Players must discontinue play and seek shelter. When play resumes it will be indicated by two short blasts from the siren.

Extra Rounds
On Thursday 25th players are not allowed to play on their allocated tournament course.

Ten Shot Rule
For players 12 years old and younger we have implemented the 10 shot rule. No player may take more than 10 shots on any hole. If a player gets to 10 shots he/she must pick up the ball, mark 10 on the scorecard and proceed to the next hole.

Disqualifications and the Rules of Golf
As our objective is to give children the opportunity to learn to play in competition the committee will make every effort not to disqualify a player for rules violations. A player, his/her caddy, or an accompanying adult may cause a player to be disqualified for code of conduct violations or rules violations as determined by the committee.

Code of Conduct (Rule 1.2b)
Players, caddies and their relatives must adhere to the code of conduct at all times. Use of foul language (swearing or abusive), cheating, club throwing, disrespect of officials, volunteers, and club employees, abuse of the golf course and facilities, or any behavior that is unbecoming a player is not permitted. The first offense may result in a warning; a second offense will result in disqualification.

The committee maintains decision making authority in all matters regarding the code of conduct.

Cell Phone Usage
Is prohibited during tournament play. Players or caddies caught using a cell phone during the tournament (except in an emergency situation) may be disqualified.
NOTE RULE 4.3a : A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.

Cancellation or Alteration of the Playing Conditions and Regulations:
At any time, the Tournament Committee can:

- Complete or alter the present Regulations;
- Suspend or cancel any of the rounds;
- Cancel the tournament;

Doubt as to Procedure (Rule 20.1c)
If a competitor is doubtful of his rights or the correct procedure during the play of a hole, he may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls. After the doubtful situation has arisen and before taking further action, the competitor must announce to his marker or fellow-competitor that he intends to play two balls and which ball he wishes to count if the Rules permit.

The competitor must report the facts of the situation to the Committee before returning his score card. If he fails to do so, he is disqualified.

After Play:
Turn scorecards into the Scoring Area immediately following play.

Any omissions in this regulation will be decided definitively by the Tournament Committee.

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