Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr.


The Course

Designed by Christy O'Connor Jnr., this course complements the neighbouring Oceanico Faldo Course and also takes full advantage of being situated in a fertile valley. Its various water features, both lakes and watercourses that are spread throughout the entire course, demand accuracy and test from all golfers, and the rich topsoil has been skillfully landscaped and planted with mature palm trees, affording a lush, ornamental setting like an extensive oasis.

This course has tees that are generally connected to the fairways, but its greater overall distance, the water hazards and big greens provide its challenge. Golfers must also be prepared to read the subtly contoured putting surfaces that are strong features.

Holes 7, 8 and 9, average length par 4's, offer a particular challenge as all three run alongside lakes, so golfers' concentration and accuracy of tee-shots as well as approaches are vital. 3rd and 17th holes are both excellent par 3's.

Two consecutive par 4's, the 14th and 15th with large rolling greens, are tough hurdles to overcome at such a critical stage of the round, and then the finishing hole, 356m off the white tee, requires a precision drive to set up the approach to a two tier green benched into the hillside. Christy's 18th hole brings the course to a fantastic finish, a gentle climb with the river running along the right hand side. 'This hole is a humdinger; once you get up here and look down on the golf course, you will feel you have been blessed.'

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The Facilities

  • Magnificent Clubhouse
    • Pro-Shop with extensive range of products
    • Greenside bar & café
    • Bar and restaurant
    • Luxurious changing rooms
  • Oceanico Academy - 9 hole, PAR 3 floodlit course
  • Practice Putting Greens
  • Driving Range
  • Long & short game practice areas

Amendoeira Golf Academy offers a wide variety of instructional programmes to meet the needs of all golfers.


  1. Every player must have his or her own bag of clubs.
  2. Single players are allowed on the golf courses during less busy periods, subject to starter's decision.
  3. Club bags and trolleys are not allowed on the greens.
  4. Buggies are not allowed on the tees, greens and avant-greens.
  5. Only two players and two club bags are allowed per buggy.
  6. Dogs are not allowed in the Clubhouse or on the grounds of the golf course.
  7. Softspikes are mandatory at all courses.
  8. Children under 12 are only allowed on the golf course when specifically authorized and after Terms & Conditions have been read, agreed and signed.
  9. Practice is only allowed within the practice areas.
  10. Putting areas cannot be used for pitching.
  11. Handicap Certificate required. Recommended handicaps: 28 for Men and 36 for Ladies.


  1. Bathing attire, jeans, T-shirts, sleeveless tops and training shoes are not allowed in the Clubhouse, on the practice areas and the golf course itself. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  2. Dress code must include trousers or tailor shorts, polo shirts and golf shoes and socks.
  3. Single players should give way to groups.
  4. Any group with a free hole ahead should give way to the next group.
  5. The players looking for a lost ball should give way to the next group if the ball is not found quickly.
  6. During busy periods, the players should mark the ball on greens par 3 so that the next group can tee off.
  7. When finished on a hole the players should leave the green immediately.
  8. In the interest of all, the game should go on without delay. So please:
    • Prepare your ball, tee and tee club in advance.
    • Do not leave your trolley too far from the green or in the wrong direction for the following tee.
    • Do not mark your scorecard on the green.
    • Do not make more strokes than necessary to score when playing Stableford.
  9. Before leaving a bunker please make sure you leave it as smooth as you found it.
  10. Please repair the divots on the fairways.
  11. Please repair the pitch and spikes marks on the greens.
  12. Greens and fairways should not be damaged by clubs tests.
  13. Please follow the instructions for buggies usage.
  14. Buggies and trolleys are not allowed on greens and surrounding areas.


Do not leave money, valuables or golf equipment in the locker rooms or in the car.

Note: The golf course management does not accept any responsibility for loss of and/or damage to valuables, personal effects or golf equipment.


Amendoeira Golf Resort is just 35 minutes drive from Faro Airport along the A22 motorway, 4 km inland from the beach resort of Armação de Pêra.

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Driving instructions:

Faro Airport to A22 motorway

Exit Faro on the main road alongside the airport roundabout and follow the signs for Faro and A22. Continue along this road for approx 2.5 km and take the second exit on the right signposted A22 Lisboa & Portimão to join a dual carriageway. After approx 4 km move to the left hand lane and take the left fork on the dual carriageway following the sign A22/Lisboa/Portimão/Albufeira. After a further 3 km take the right hand exit off the dual carriageway following the sign for A22 Lisboa/Portimão/Albufeira.

A22 motorway to Amendoeira Golf Resort

Continue for approx 45 km and leave at junction 7/Alcantarilha, where you will come to a large roundabout. Take the first right, signposted Silves, and continue on the road (EN529) for approx 2 km and at the second roundabout the entrance to Amendoeira Golf Resort is on your right.


Amendoeira Golf Resort
Morgado da Lameira, CX Postal 361-L
8365-302 Alcantarilha

+351 282 320 820

Gps Coordinates

Latitude: 37.146991 | Longitude: -8.358728

Hole By Hole

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - First Hole
First Hole
Stroke Index 11 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

A PAR 5 is kind of a nice hole to start with for amateur golfers. It is tricky enough, I suppose. There is a large lake to the right and Nick’s golf course on the left will be out of bounds because it has a different terrain. Although a generous fairway you will play down short of the river, and over the river for the second shot. It is not a tough opening PAR 5, which the first hole shouldn’t be.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Second Hole
Second Hole
Stroke Index 7 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

The second is a very good PAR 4, driving over the water from the back tee at 190m, but shorter for the handicap player, to a lovely green set inside a double set of lakes. So, accuracy is required for the second shot. It is a hole where an amateur golfer should use their shot, and not be afraid to lay up, play for five and it will work out well.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Third Hole
Third Hole
Stroke Index 15 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is a very nice PAR 3 which comes early in the round. The main lake, which was right of the first, will now be right of the third. This is a really good hole off the back tee, very presentable off the front tee and very PAR–able.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Fourth Hole
Fourth Hole
Stroke Index 3 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

You have a huge orange grove to your left, a pretty good, wide driving area, where people need not be afraid to hit their drive and not be laying up with irons if possible. It is a decent landing area but the second shot is somewhat troublesome. It crosses the river onto to a plateau green and here it is important to club up. Don’t be short on this hole with your second shot.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Fifth Hole
Fifth Hole
Stroke Index 17 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is the second PAR 5 and has orange groves left and right. The green is set some 15–20m above the second shot playing area.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Sixth Hole
Sixth Hole
Stroke Index 9 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

The second of the PAR 3’s, the 6th is a very nice hole and plays downhill. It has some water to the right but not encroaching on the green too much. Although it has quite high yardage from the back tee, playing downhill will make the club a lot shorter. If you miss this green miss it to the left side, but a PAR here is certainly worth having.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Seventh Hole
Seventh Hole
Stroke Index 5 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is the beginning of what you may call the Amen Corner. A lake runs from the 9th, through the 8th and into the 7th, so there is a kind of a chain reaction and the 7th is the first of it. It is important to play up the left off the tee, and leave yourself a shot in without having to cross the water. Those who drive up the right hand side will have to take out some loft to the green.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Eighth Hole
Eighth Hole
Stroke Index 1 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

There is a slight dogleg left to right and the lake is much more in play for the drive than on the 7th. The second shot gives you a bit more space and it will be a generous green.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Ninth Hole
Ninth Hole
Stroke Index 13 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is a key hole, the last hole on the way out, the last point of the course. The lake will run not only to the right off the tee, but also to the left off the second shot. It is almost a two-part golf hole. Drive over the water off the tee, avoiding the water on the right, and hit your second shot to a well guarded green with water on the left. If you are scared, bail out to the right.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Tenth Hole
Tenth Hole
Stroke Index 6 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is one of biggest-mounded holes. The 10th is a severe dogleg left to right which you will drive, guide it I would say, though very large mounding, pot bunker to the left and right. It diverts to the left but to get to the corner it won’t be difficult. You can run out to 300 so you don’t have to be a shot maker to get round. You hit your drive to your own length and set yourself up for a nice PAR 4.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Eleventh Hole
Eleventh Hole
Stroke Index 14 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

The first PAR 5 on the back nine is a really nice hole, no water, but has large mounding, as it cuts through a hill. It is almost a treble dogleg and drives slightly to the right, second shot to the left, and back again to the right with the third shot. Here strategy is very important. Be on the right side off the tee, then being a little left with your second shot opens up the green thoroughly, giving you a great chance at a PAR 5.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Twelfth Hole
Twelfth Hole
Stroke Index 8 / PAR 8
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is a really nice PAR 4, about 393m. This hole is guarded by the same lake that runs along the 7th hole, sitting on the lake with the water this time on the right. Short won’t put you in trouble; long will definitely give you some hardship.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Thirteenth Hole
Thirteenth Hole
Stroke Index 18 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is the shortest PAR 3 and has its own piece of ground with no other hole straddling it or side–by–side.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Fourteenth Hole
Fourteenth Hole
Stroke Index 2 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is the narrowest part of the land, a really nice PAR 4 with the water to the front and right. You can drive not too far from the green. There is a large lake to the right hand side and the front of the green. The second shot has to be very precise, onto a green, which will be a generous one, over a lake and a favorable run around to the left hand side of the lake and into the green. If one wants to bail out, pivots left and chip on. Don’t be afraid to drop a shot here.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Fifteenth Hole
Fifteenth Hole
Stroke Index 4 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

Here is a really nice PAR 4, where the river has been moved slightly to accommodate the hole, to the right. It is a real driver’s golf hole, now that the fairway is broken by the river crossing back into its original run. You have to hit over that to another section of the fairway and onto the green.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Sixteenth Hole
Sixteenth Hole
Stroke Index 12 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is a great PAR 5 coming in. This hole is 500m long, there is a lateral water hazard along both sides of fairway but a generous landing area will help you keep the ball in play. You really want to be on your 2nd shot between the left inside bunker and the palm tree on the fairway. This is the ideal position to attack the flag that can be tricky especially if it’s behind the bunker short right.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Seventeenth Hole
Seventeenth Hole
Stroke Index 18 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

The last PAR 3 is really nice and about 170m. Again, the water off the 16th comes slightly into play off the right hand side of the green. Bail out left here, and I think a three will be very possible on this hole.

Amendoeira O'Connor Jnr. - Eighteenth Hole
Eighteenth Hole
Stroke Index 3 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

The main river that straddles the whole land, runs all the way along the right hand side. But on the left hand side for the first time are the hills, and that will guard the fairway. There is beautiful cover and vegetation and an acute dogleg right to left up the hill. This is a really nice finishing hole, not too hard a climb as there has been none throughout the whole golf course. A drive and a four or five iron for the average hitter but once you get up here and look down on the golf course you will feel you have been blessed.

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